Bride Charges Company Credit Card for Her $50,000 Wedding

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It’s the classic tale. Boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, girl uses her old employer’s company credit card to pay for an extravagant Florida wedding to boy, girl gets arrested. Oh, and the company La’Reese Darville was, as she tells it, “borrowing from” was Partners III Pawn Shop. That’s right, a pawn shop, whose mission is to provide loans to people, in exchange for collateral items of personal property. Those pawnbrokers better have gotten every last missing Impressionist painting or the lost Crown Jewels or Atlantis as collateral from this girl.

They actually haven’t seen any money from Darville at all following her June 1 wedding. She claims that she was given the go-ahead to use the company money by her father, who is part-owner of the pawn shop. He’s now suggesting he knew nothing about it. Meanwhile, Darville made 14 withdrawals via the three owners’ company credit cards. All three cards are currently overdrawn by up to $28,000, and she’s telling authorities that she plans to pay the 50k back in full. In fact, according to her, she’s already returned $17,000. In a shocking twist, she has no record of such restitution.

Apparently, the summer wedding was held at a fancy casino in Florida. Maybe Darville actually won all the money back and is waiting for just the right moment to spring it on the owners. Eh, probably not.

Image via Facebook