Men Pay More for Their Second Wives’ Engagement Rings, Are the Worst

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Man proposing to his amazed girlfriend

He liked it, so he put a ring on it. Then he realized he didn’t really like it – or the ring – all that much. According to a study by an online jeweler, men shell out an average of £1,200 ($1,900 US) more for their second wives’ engagement rings. Worse, they spend $3,500 more on their third wives.

Thanks to AP Stats, we’re comfortable venturing a guess that this is an issue of correlation and not causation. Second-time husbands are older than first-time husbands. Older means richer. The study found that 38 percent of these men attributed their relative splurge to their increased spending power, though 48 percent claimed the second ring’s higher price was a testament to their belief in the strength of the relationship. That’s sweet, even if you don’t buy it (and I totally don’t).

Interestingly, veteran fiancés reported spending less time choosing the ring than they did the first time around – about half ask their brides-to-be to pick out the bling themselves. Aaaand because of course this guy exists, eight percent of remarrying men “recycle” their ex’s ring. Hopeless romantics!

We’ll defer to the ladies of The First Wives Club on this one.

Image via Veer