Valentine's Day

Millennials Don’t Find Valentine’s Day Romantic, But Still Buy Lots of Gifts

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According to the decorative fruit peddlers at Edible Arrangements, Millennials feel less romantic toward Valentine’s Day than older generations, but are more likely to buy gifts for everyone, from sweethearts to family members to coworkers.

Edible Arrangements conducted a survey of 500 adults and reported 57 percent of Millennials consider the holiday “somewhat less romantic” than prior generations, with a third calling it “all-inclusive,” meaning they’d also celebrate with friends, family, and colleagues.

But just because Millennials are less invested in the romance of Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean they don’t buy gifts — they’re actually seven percent more likely to buy gifts for coworkers and 16 percent more likely to buy gifts for siblings than people ages 35 to 54. Millennials also spend more on gifts across the board, both in terms of whom they buy for and how much money they spend — we’re just not sure how many of them are buying Edible Arrangements.