Attack Of The Manic Pixie Dream Girls

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From our friends at Flavorpill:

75 Years of Manic Pixie Dream Girls from Flavorwire on Vimeo.
For some reason I am obsessed with Manic Pixie Dream Girls. I think it’s because I am so irritated by them in real life and sooooo relieved that they aren’t getting away with their pixie bullshit. We are onto you, Manic Pixie Dream Girls! Stop being so damn cute!

When considering the MPDGs, though, it’s important to remember: it’s not all their fault. The problem partially lies in the reaction they get from the dumbfounded man, who is clearly thinking, “who is this dashing, mind-blowing darling?!” I call these people MPDG-enablers. (In the video above, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise… everyone.) 

My least favorite has always been, and always will be until further notice, Kate Hudson’s character in Almost Famous. Who’s yours?