Meet the Sexiest New Cast Members of ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’

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allThis Friday, the second installment of The Hunger Games franchise will hit the big screen, but Jennifer, Josh, and Liam won’t be be the only District members turning up the heat in Catching Fire. With the 75th anniversary games compiled of victors from years past, there were bound to be a few hotties in the group returning for blood.

Don’t fret – we’ve done the heavy lifting for you, sifting through the entire cast and calling out the six stand out tributes that you’ll want to familiarize yourself with before Friday’s big premiere. Check them out.

Alan Ritchson, Gloss – District 1

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Stephanie Leigh Schlund, Cashmere – District 1

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Bruno Gunn, Brutus – District 2

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Meta Golding, Enobaria – District 2

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Sam Claflin, Finnick – District 4

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Jena Malone, Johanna – District 7

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