Our 5 Favorite Love Scenes from Nora Ephron Movies

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No one did funny, endearing romance like Nora Ephron. She managed to be sweet without being saccharine, to make happily ever after seem hard-earned and not cliche.

In honor of the late, great writer, here are 5 of our favorite Ephron love scenes.

1. Kathleen Kelly Has a Fever
Watch ol’Joe Fox seriously bust out all the moves in this scene, which starts the third act of 1998’s “You’ve Got Mail.”

He’s just figured out that Kathleen Kelly is his AOL penpal, and he uses this knowledge to his extreme advantage while dropping by for a surprise visit, armed with daisies (the friendliest flower), a knowledge of Pride & Prejudice (her favorite book), and a whole new attitude.

“Why did you stop by again, I forget?”
“I wanted to be your friend.”

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2. Rachel and Mark are Having a Baby
Ephron wrote 1986’s “Heartburn” about the break-up of her marriage to Carl Bernstein, so this is one movie that isn’t about Happily Ever After. Still, the scene in which the leads celebrate after learning they’re having a baby is one of the sweetest depictions of happy coupledom in the Ephron cannon, and Jack Nicholson’s ebullient rendition of the Soliloquy from Carousel is hard to beat.

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3. The Last Scene of Sleepless in Seattle
Back when leaving a backpack on the top of the Empire State Building was romantic, and not a terrorist threat. Maybe the only romantic movie to not end with a kiss.

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4. When Harry Met Sally Cut-Outs
The interview parts of When Harry Met Sally were all portrayed by actors, but based on real stories that Rob Reiner and Nora Ephron collected for the film.


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5. For As Long As We Both Shall Live
“I would have called you up and said, ‘Hey, how about a coffee or drinks or a movie….for as long as we both shall live.'” Joe tells Kathleen right before she goes to the park to meet….him. Sigh. Sigh times 10000.