Take A Ride on the History of Michael Fassbender’s Penis

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Michael Fassbender’s penis has ¬†had quite a year. It all began in March of 2011, when Fassbender began filming Shame, showing off his penis while masturbating, urinating, fornicating, and walking around his apartment.

He then took his famous penis to the Venis Film Festival, where the audience ooh-ed and aah-ed, awarding him with a best-actor title, something we can probably attribute to his huge penis.

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Next it was to the New York Film Festival, where his huge, exposed penis ¬†helped the film achieve an NC-17 rating for gratuitous full-frontal nudity, amongst other things. In January, George Clooney accepted his Golden Globe for The Descendants, thanking Fassbender for taking over the responsibility of a frontal nude scene. “Really Michael, honestly,” he said. “You can play golf like this with your hands behind your back.”

And just this month Charlize Theron raised her glass to Fassbender’s member, saying, “”I have to say that I was truly impressed that you chose to play it big. Most other actors would have gone small, trust me. No, I know because I’ve worked with them. Your penis was a revelation. I’m available to work with it any time.”

And that’s pretty huge.

Wonder what will happen next, with Shame’s Blu-ray release coming up.

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