Friday Mix Tape: 10 Songs That Are Learning To Love Again

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Last week I encouraged people to wallow in one last “hurrah” of their breakup misery. That period of self-flagellation is over. Did you your relationship end 3 months ago? 6 months ago? Do mornings often find you waking up in a pool of artfully swirled Haagen Dasz and beer? It’s time to break out of the rut, my friend. Your cutest outfit will thank you and your long-suffering friends will thank you. It’s time to wake up, dramatically throw open your front door, and shout, “Hey World, I’m ready to love again!” It’s cheesy, but it’s the path to your salvation, Steve Winwood style. Here’s a little soundtrack to get you on your feet and on your way.

More Friday Mix Tapes:


The Zombies – “This Will Be Our Year”


Stevie Wonder – “For Once In My Life”


Steve Winwood – “Back In The High Life Again”


Modest Mouse – “Float On”


New Radicals – “You Get What You Give”


The Rascals – “It’s a Beautiful Morning”


Gene Kelly – “Singin’ in the Rain”


Spoon – “Paper Tiger”


The Beatles – “Here Comes The Sun”


Michael Jackson – “The Way You Make Me Feel”