Friday Mix Tape: 10 Songs Dedicated To Love Come And Gone, Real, And Imagined

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The word is out that Kanye West wrote a romantic song, “Perfect Bitch,” for his new ladylove Kim Kardashian. Kim is reportedly “honored” by the high praise. While the allure of dating a musician runs deep, what with that tousled hair and sweaty bravado, I’ve often wondered about the consequences. Do I want my name sung for all to hear? How do I feel about being labeled a “Perfect Whore?” Is there any hope if things end in bitterness? Maybe I should just stick to drummers.

Plus: What Your Taste In Music Says About You To A Date

For those bold daters out there without reservations, I salute you with a few odes to love come and gone, real and imagined, all on a first name basis.

Beatles –“Martha My Dear”

The Kinks – “Lola”

Cowboy Junkies – “Sweet Jane”

Buddy Holly – “Peggy Sue”

Leonard Cohen – “Suzanne”

Al Green – “Judy”

Plus: The Worst Love Advice In Pop Music

Aretha Franklin – “The House That Jack Built”

Beach Boys – “Barbaba Ann”

Bon Iver – “For Emma”


Plus: What ELSE Your Taste In Music Says About You On A Date

Bob Dylan – “Corrina, Corinna”