Some Great Additions for Your Breakup Playlists

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Anyone who’s ever gone through a breakup knows that a cathartic playlist can go a long way in making you feel better. Somewhere out there is a song that’s perfect for whatever stage of heartbreak you’re in, whether it’s grief, denial, anger, rebounding, more anger, coming to terms with your singleness, realizing that it’s their loss, and even more anger. (If you’re in a time crunch, check out our “Get Over Your Breakup In 47 Minutes or Less” playlist, guaranteed to speed you through the various emotions of a breakup in under an hour.)

However, for someone who dates a lot, and breaks up a lot, the same old breakup anthems can get a little tired. (Except for “You Oughta Know.” That song never loses its punch.)

If you’re in the market to refresh your heartbreak playlist a little bit, check out these suggestions from Spin of the 33 Bitterest songs ever.

Highlights include:

  • Tyrone, by Erykah Badu (This song got me through The Great Breakup of 2006! Thanks, Erykah!)
  • Goodbye Earl, by The Dixie Chicks (Murder is never the answer, but screaming along to this song in your car often is.)
  • Love Wars, by Womack and Womack (Sample Line:  “Flashbacks and uncovered tracks / From when you left with my best friend.” Cold!)
  • Kim, by Eminem (This song is scary, to be used only in the direst straits of breakup hell.)

And, some more unconventional suggestions from us:

  • Requiem Lacrimosa, Mozart (No one understands how depressed you are. Play them this, then they’ll get it.)
  • The Winner Takes It All, Abba (You’ll scare the shit out of your friends when you drunkenly belt this out at karaoke 2 months after the breakup.)
  • Ne Me Quitte Pas, Jacques Brel (The lyrics of this song are literally “Don’t leave me. Don’t leave me. Don’t leave me.” Pour yourself a glass of wine and play this on repeat.)

What are your go-to breakup songs? Let us know!