Precious Puppet Music Video Depicts Relationship from First Date to Falling in Love

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“There’s so many little things I like about you I’m loosing count, and all the fun things we’ve still left to do I see and endless amount and I want to do all of them with you.” Everyone who has taken that giant step of confessing their love for one someone has felt the exact same thing, completely consumed with hope that they feel the same way. Luckily for our hipster puppet stud here, that angst is over.

Matt Singer wrote the tune “I Do” as a duet for Melissa Creighton’s puppetry musical, “Love Me Knot,” which premiered at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) Puppets on Film Festival in October. The music video of the song was just made available on YouTube and we’ve never seen puppets be more adorable (and that’s hard when competing against Bert and Ernie).

Watch the video that’sĀ all about asking that special person if they feel the same, and hoping they say “I do.”

The single is available for download, exclusively at Matt Singer’s Bandcamp page.