You Can Be the Hot, Naked Couple in Broken Social Scene’s New Music Video

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Kevin Drew, co-founder of the Canadian rock collective Broken Social Scene, is casting real and diverse couples to get sexy on camera “for the greater good of vulnerability.” Okay, fine. It’s for his new music video.  According to the call on the record label website, you and you partner/costar “must be prepared and able to be in various states of undress and comfortable performing on camera” and ready to get “engaged in passionate and intimate sexual moments.”

The search committee is asking couples to submit “a short description of what love and lust mean to you,” because as everyone knows, music video casting depends mostly on the essay portion. (Also, submit a photo of you and your partner.) Otherwise, the only requirements are that you and your beloved are 25 or older and able to be in downtown Toronto for the December 20th casting. Filming for the lucky couples — those passionate and intimate enough — is on January 9th and 10th. Game? Canadian? Park that car, drop that phone, sleep on the floor, and submit your essay and pics to

Image via Arts & Crafts