Awful Georgia Man Fined $50,000 for Breaking Promise to Marry Fiancée

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A judge has ruled that Christopher Ned Kelley must pay a total of $50,000 in damages and legal fees to his former fiancée Melissa Cooper. Why? He ruined their relationship.

Kelley and Cooper, who have a child, lived together for more than 10 years. After he repeatedly cheated on Cooper, she told Kelley to move out and sued him for “breach of promise to marry.” Yes, that sounds harsh, but then again – this guy is the worst.

As his defense, Kelley insisted that their relationship was merely prostitution, based only on the exchange of money for sex (how much does a decade of GFE cost?). He also told the court that he never planned to make an honest woman of Cooper, saying, “I never initiated the concept of marriage with her, outside of giving her that ring” (uh?) and “I never said the words ‘will you marry me’ to her.” Okay, now you’re just being a dick.

$50,000 is one thing. Ditching this guy? Priceless.

Image via Veer