Divorcing Lesbians Battle for Dog in New York’s First Matrimonial Pet-Custody Case

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Sad dog

After a year of marriage, New York City residents Trisha Bridget Murray and Shannon Louise Travis have filed for divorce. The couple doesn’t have any human children, but they do have one kid that neither woman is willing to part with – Joey, their beloved miniature dachschund. Travis bought Joey as 10-week puppy as a gift for her then-girlfriend, in part because she’d already insisted that Murray give up her pet cat.

Pet custody is largely untested legal territory in New York. The judge – himself a proud dog daddy – is expected to conduct the hearing much as he would a child custody case, with Joey’s “best interests” in mind. Murray, currently in possession of Joey, told the New York Post that there’s “no way in this lifetime” she could live without him. For her part, Travis argues that she was Joey’s primary caretaker. Of course the legal precedent for pet custody is a case with two women, because lesbians.

In my totally inexpert legally opinion, Murray should win custody of Joey because she already lost her cat, and also because Travis sounds a little unstable. Alternately, Joey could just come live with me and I will love him and snuggle him forever. Case closed.

Image via Veer