French President François Hollande Is (Allegedly) Having the Most French Affair Ever

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Francois Hollande

A British tabloid has accused French President François Hollande of engaging in a secret affair with actress Julie Gayet. Today, Closer – this, by the dubs, is the same classy mag that printed topless shots of Kate Middleton in 2012 – published photos of a man in a helmet (alleged to be Hollande) with a bodyguard outside Gayet’s Paris apartment. Why the helmet? The supposed bodyguard drove him there on a scooter. As if this scenario didn’t already seem like a jaunty deleted scene from Amélie, the bodyguard is also said to have brought the couple croissants in the morning.

Gayet has yet to comment. Hollande has threatened to sue Closer for invasion of privacy, and the story has been removed from its website. Though the two aren’t married, Hollande’s partner Valérie Trierweiler is considered France’s First Lady. Didn’t this just happen with Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni? Has France learned nothing from its history?

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