It’s a Fact: Most People Want to Sleep with Their Coworkers, Especially Their Bosses

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Shtupping a coworker seems like an inspired idea when you think about it. (Hey, coworkers reading this. How you doin’?) There’s no breaking in period of awkwardly getting to know one another, there’s no question about their employment status, there’s built in quality time at the water cooler, and you have tons in common. The Brits are on board. According to a survey conducted by of 2,000 English men and women, 80 percent want to find love at work. Let’s look at it this way:  we’re all heinously lazy and it’s really the easiest option out there.

For most ladies across the pond, Bob the copy guy just won’t do. 73 percent of the women reported they would rather date a man in a higher titled role because 61 percent found Roger Sterling types to be the sexiest. What about the dudes? Good ole regressive gender roles! The majority of men surveyed desired a relationship with women in junior positions and a staggering 80 percent simply loved it when women wore “sexy outfits” to work. I’m not really certain what defines a sexy work outfit, but I’m pretty sure it involves the latest pencil skirt, stilettos, and brand new sexual harassment case for a British attorney.

How do you meet your dopey Michael Scott or buxom Joan Hollaway? Anywhere but the Christmas party, 62 percent of the respondents begged. These findings further cement my proposal that absolutely nobody should be taking cues from the film Love Actually. My deepest apologies, Alan Rickman.

Image via Flickr.