Man Goes To Jail For Trying To Add His Ex-Girlfriend On Google+

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One reason you maybe shouldn’t try to reach out to your ex after a messy breakup: It could land you in jail. That’s what happened to Thomas Gagnon, a Salem, Mass., resident whose ex-girlfriend recently received an invite to join one of Gagnon’s Circles on Google+. The ex, who had taken out a restraining order against Gagnon, brought a printout of the Google+ invite to the local police, who shortly thereafter arrested Gagnon and later charged him with violating the restraining order.

There was only one minor snag: Gagnon’s lawyer claims the ex-girlfriend’s complaint is “absolutely unfounded” and that his client never sent such a request. His lawyer instead suggested the Google+ invite might have been sent to Gagnon’s ex via a robot. He also said he thinks Google+ sends out invitations indiscriminately based on “anyone you’ve ever contacted,” unlike Facebook, where you can only become someone’s friend if they accept a friend request you send voluntarily.

This is what you get for signing up for Google+ people! Who uses Google+? The same people who use Bing and drink Pepsi with their Hydrox. Gagnon did admit he wasn’t positive how invitations work within Google+. It’s entirely possible Gagnon actually sent his ex the Google+ invite himself, but given the questionably shady tactics Google uses to create “engagement” within its deadbeat social network, it’s also possible he accidentally triggered some sort of automatic invite Google then sent on his behalf.

A status hearing for the case is scheduled for early February. It will not address the dangers of singing up for Google+, though the court of public opinion already seems to have ruled on that.

Image via Veer