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Man Poses as a Woman on Online Dating Site, Is Shocked To Find Men Are The Creepiest

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For years, women of the Internet have written about and devoted entire Tumblrs to the horrifying experience that is being a woman trying to survive the attack of dick pics on online dating sites. But that wasn’t enough to convince Redditor OKCThrowaway22221, a guy who was so utterly convinced ladies have it so easy on online dating sites that he posed as a woman and set up a dummy profile to prove just how much of a sexy cakewalk it really is.

Throwaway got his first message before he had even finished setting up his profile. Followed by another. OKCThrowaway was feeling good, because OKCThrowaway was becoming increasingly convinced he was right: Girls do have it easy. More messages began pouring in.

Then, to the surprise of no woman who’s ever dabbled in online dating ever, things got weird, fast.

“Guys were full-on spamming my inbox with multiple messages before I could reply to even one asking why I wasn’t responding and what was wrong. Guys would become hostile when I told them I wasn’t interested in NSA sex, or guys that had started normal and nice quickly turned the conversation into something explicitly sexual in nature. Seemingly nice dudes in quite esteemed careers asking to hook up in 24 hours and sending them naked pics of myself despite multiple times telling them that I didn’t want to.”

I can only assume the friend whose picture OKCThrowaway used in his profile is Caucasian — although his scarring experience includes details of unwelcome, overtly sexual messages, it doesn’t include any examples of racist comments which, unfortunately, are as much of a reality for minority women as those hypersexualized messages were for OKCThrowaway. I’ve received more grossly racist messages from Asian fetishists on OKCupid than I care to recall — like the time a guy asked me if I was Asian because he was trying to get in my “Japanties.” I never responded.

After two hours, OKCThrowaway found the whole ordeal unbearable, quit, and told Reddit about everything he had learned. “I came away thinking that women have it so much harder than guys do when it comes to that kind of stuff,” he wrote.

Never mind that women have known and been saying this for years. Having a random guy role-play what hundreds of women see every day definitely make it socially revelatory.