Michigan Pastor Watches Couple Have Sex, Claims He Was Just Praying for Them

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Extreme peeping Tom

A Michigan pastor was arrested for peeping through a woman’s second-story window to get a better look at her and her boyfriend having sex. Which he did, obviously, because he was praying for them. That’s why he climbed a ladder he found near the house — risking his life, really. When the pair took notice after 20 seconds of his selfless devotion, he ran away. Does no good deed go unpunished?

But according to police reports, the good Rev. Jeremy Gordon Grinnell was not to be deterred in his quest to save his neighbor’s heathen soul: he returned the next night, presumably for more and deeper praying. This time, though, the woman’s boyfriend called the police, which gave the pastor the opportunity to reassure everyone that as a man of God, he was only acting in everyone’s best interest. Mysteriously, though, Grinnell was still charged with two counts of “surveilling an unclothed person” and is currently awaiting sentencing. In the meantime, he has stepped down from his post as a teaching pastor at Bella Vista Church, and has been placed on administrative leave at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, where he was an assistant professor of systemic theology. There is no official statement yet on the state of his freelance sex-watching career.

(Image via Veer)