Sexist DC Subway Ad Draws Wrath Of Commuters, Internet

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DC’s Metro system is undergoing some upgrades, and to draw attention to the progress they’ve posted quite a lovely ad. One woman is speaking about improvements to the bus system when her friend says, “Can’t we just talk about shoes?”

Because public transit is so totally boring and, you know, ladeez be shoppin’!

What always stuns me about these sorts of blunders is that dozens and dozens of people saw that ad before it was put out and not a single person said, “Hey, does anyone else think this is super sexist?” If someone in one of the many, many meetings I’m sure they had about this campaign mentioned the rampant sexism in this ad before it was plastered all over the Metro, it would have saved them a lot of trouble. Now, straphangers are rightfully angry, and it’s spreading to the Internet, where people are tweeting the male version of the ad (surprise: not sexist!) and also a very professional Photoshop of the original.

Rough day for the DC Metro. Sorry! (I’m not sorry. No one is sorry. You did this to yourself.)


Image via @lvzwestcott