The Latest Trailer for Lars von Trier’s ‘Nymphomaniac’ Finally Shows Some Sex

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 Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 11.47.45 AM

Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier has taken a different approach to promoting new film “Nymphomaniac,” skipping the barrage of press conferences and interviews that usually accompany a movie’s release. (He probably doesn’t want to accidentally call himself a Nazi again.) Instead, von Trier has been slowly releasing promo materials for the film: first a group of salacious posters, then a series of short Youtube “appetizer” clips. The fifth clip was released today, and although it’s true that nothing makes you want to watch something at work like the letters NSFW, you really shouldn’t watch this at work. Things get graphic in a Shia LaBeouf kinda way, which is the most dangerous non-work safety there is.

The clip features a Bach prelude over a triple-split screen which depicts, in less than 60 seconds: Shia LaBeouf having sex with costar Stacy Martin in a variety of positions, a bare-breasted Martin being bathed with a cloth, and then a still-topless Martin giggling at an older man in a suit before he goes down on her. There’s also some leopards, cars, a naked dude strolling like in an early film reel, and disembodied hands and feet playing an organ. See, now you don’t have to watch it!  (You’re going to anyway, aren’t you? Perv.)

Like the posters, the trailer somehow ends up being more unsettling than titillating. Maybe it’s the booming, creepy classical music? Or the image of Shia LaBeouf sticking his whole tongue down Martin’s throat. Even Stevens will never be the same. Neither will my eyes.