The Most Wonderful Couple in Brooklyn Adopts Kittens Abandoned on the Subway

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When discussing cat owners, the image that usually comes to mind is one of a lonely old lady with a hoarding problem. Well, expunge that rather horrifying stereotype from your mind and replace it with the happily-married couple above. The Brooklyn-based husband and wife, Katherine and Keith (I can just see the “K” wedding invites now), adopted New York’s newly famous subway kittens! The cats, Arthur and August, wreaked havoc on the B and Q subway lines’ operations over the summer.

The tiny kitten brothers found their way onto the subway tracks in late August, and the trains were suspended until the cats could be rescued. Once they were, they were brought to¬†Animal Care & Control of NYC. After weeks spent there, it was announced on Friday that the kittens were up for adoption. The couple, who had been looking for a pair of “bonded” kittens felt it was perfect timing and handed in their application the same day. Now, the kittens are in a safe home and safely out of everyone’s way so the trains can run on time. Safety comes first, people!

“Arthur (the gray one) is pretty shy still, but once you’re in with him he is a grade-A cuddler,” the couple shared with New York magazine, “What’s sweet is that August wants Arthur to come along for all his adventures. He’s not content until his brother is having a good time, too.” What could be better than these four cuddly creatures finding each other?

Image via NYCACC