The NFL Might Ban the ‘Penis Tackle’

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Penis Tackle

Tackling, in general, is painful. But it tends to get significantly more painful when genitals are involved. On Sunday, Rams safety T.J. McDonald took down the 49ers’ Vernon Davis creatively – specifically, he grabbed Davis’ penis. In case you were wondering (because, duh, you were), here’s what that looked like.

Vernon Davis

Yup. That’s a dick. Fortunately, Vernon and his penis survived the excruciating experience. In a tweet that’s since been deleted, the tight end called on the NFL to officially ban defenders from tackling a player “by his penis.”

As great an all-purpose euphemism “penis tackling” might be, Davis is right – though a penis-tackling-only football league would probably get incredible ratings.

Images via Kissing Suzy Kolber and The Big Lead