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Do Women Get Hit On More After They’re Engaged? It Seems Like….Yes.

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ringRecently, a newly-engaged friend of mine confessed something interesting: she gets way more attention from guys now that she’s engaged. Is this a trend, or just her personal, post-engagement glow acting as an attractant?

To find out, I asked 5 (recently engaged/married) women to weigh in.


“I noticed that after I got engaged, I was seeing an uptick in male attention when I was out from talking to me to just checking me out. Hadn’t had a whole lot of that since I had been in a serious relationship. I asked a guy friend of mine and he replied, ‘Well, it’s an obvious stamp of approval. You must be somewhat special because someone wanted to marry you.” so it seems like it’s partly an ego thing with guys, like…you’ve been ‘pre vetted'”. – Anonymous, Manhattan

“Ever since I got engaged, men notice me more, notice my ring, and almost appear to be… challenged, per se? It’s as if they don’t care about the ring, know I am taken, not out trying to “find a man,” and then pursue me (or at least flirt). However, I also have noticed on my end that I am consciously surveying the room for potential approachers just to make sure they are aware that I am off the market. Is it me or is it them? Could it be both?” Tessa, San Diego

“I don’t know if I’m getting hit on more or if I’m just much more aware of it – like, before I’d be like ok, you have no way of knowing I have a boyfriend, so it’s totally cool that you want to talk to me about the super cool board game app I’m playing on my phone. But now I just keep waving my hand around and feel really sad about their moral compass.” – Claire, NYC

“I got more attention than I had my whole life once that engagement ring was on. Imagine my horror when I got even MORE being married.” – Robin, NYC

Not Really…

“I haven’t been hit on, but I did have a guy looking at me from across the room and I didn’t know if he saw the ring or not. I was also wearing a dress with cleavage so he may have been more excited about that than the chance to be with an engaged woman.” – Emily, Brooklyn

Interestingly, I could not find a single guy who was willing to cop up to hitting on an engaged girl. (We know you’re out there!)