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Pygmalion Alert: Man Sculpts Himself The “Perfect Wife”

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Some people find love through dating sites, some people find love on Tumblr, and some people find love in the office of a plastic surgeon. Specifically, Dr. David Matlock met the love of his life in his own plastic surgery office, when she came in for a vaginoplasty.

Gawker recounts the story. Veronica was 40 pounds heavier then, but somehow Dr. Matlock just knew – it was love at first sight. Except for the small matter of him wanting to change everything he saw.

In addition to the vaginoplasty, Matlock recommended Veronica purchase a package deal known as the “Wonder Woman Makeover” — an all-over liposuction and a Brazilian “butt lift” for good measure.

Then he took her out on their first date and immediately asked her to marry him. Guess he had to lock that down before other men noticed her brand new perfect body.

All joking aside, the two actually seem like a match made in heaven. They both have exceptional physiques which they maintain through healthy eating and an unhealthy amount of plastic surgery. Veronica considers her body a “walking advertisement” for her husband’s work, and she says she knows he loves her for her.