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This Guy Ruined Proposal Videos for Everyone

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If you have 27 minutes to spare and don’t mind getting really, really annoyed right now, then go ahead and give this epic proposal video a watch. On the other hand, don’t.

Justin Baldoni, who coincidentally is an actor and just so happens to also be a director who runs a company called Wayfarer Entertainment which probably accidentally is plugged in this video, made this over-the-top video to propose to his girlfriend, Emily Foxler, who is totally by happenstance also an actor. Then he, ya know, casually posted it to Reddit. Just for fun! Not because he totally made this with the 100% intention for it to go viral or anything. And not because the video is really more of an acting and directing reel for him and his company than it is truly about proposing to his girlfriend.

There are so many moments throughout where I feel like I’m watching an actor perform a monologue half-assedly, show off his body, mug for the camera dramatically, and shamelessly pull at our heart strings (he went to her father’s grave to ask him his permission, with camera crew in tow, natch). Then after 27 lip-syncing, flash mobbing, and action movie-ing minutes, he finally asks his girlfriend if he can “take care of her” the rest of his life. Presumably with all the money and jobs this viral proposal video will get him.

Spoiler alert! She doesn’t say no like you hope she will.

[h/t The Daily Dot]