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This NYT “Vows” Column is The Best/Worst

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Nope, this isn’t a scene from a Christopher Guest movie, this is a real (long) article about a real wedding nestled beneath a giant yellow teddy bear, between a real couple who did proudly state that their courtship was largely based around “Waking up, doing pranayama [yoga] together.” Although, in all fairness, yoga did help him through the painful transition from being a 30-something Manhattan party boy to an insufferable “balanced” adult who owns a yoga studio (surprise!). And she is just as ethereally beautiful – SO radiantly beautiful! They really cannot emphasize enough how beautiful! – as you’d expect any yoga teacher who lives in a “cottage in Sag Harbor” would be. Oh, and you better believe these two white people named their daughter Neelu!

Man, I bet Parker Posey would really play her well.