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Minibar is Like Seamless for Booze and It’s Amazing

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Winter is a time to be alone with our thoughts and prep for the warmer and more social months to come. It’s also an ideal time to drink alone, and for that reason, we thank the gods behind Minibar.

Catering to the solo sipper, the social slosher, and the coupling caterer alike, Minibar is a free app, servicing most of Manhattan and Brooklyn, that arranges for your favorite liquor and/or wine to be brought to your door in under an hour with free delivery. Feel free to reread that, because it’s chocolate-cake-levels of amazing.

Minibar has a simple, intuitive interface and ease-of-use that’s like the icing on the delicious, aforementioned booze cake. Though delivery is free, the app does allow for an added tip. You can even create a profile for easier ordering next time. Also, Minibar is holding a $100 sweepstakes for the next week, so, get on that.


[h/t Betabeat]