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The Most Outrageous Items You’ll Ever See in a Sex Museum

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Yes, we’ve all seen the nude Davids, Apollos, and Venuses that clutter museums from here to Rome and back. Still those may as well be giant bunny rabbits chomping on carrots when compared to some of the items on display at The World Erotic Art Museum.


This  a four-poster penis bed. Insert wet dream joke here.

Moving on to the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia.

Museum of Broken Relationships - Zagreb, Croatia, June 2012

No, this is not some sort of dismembered statue, its a pair of fake breasts that a woman’s husband made her wear when they had sex because they turned him on. Of course they were bigger than the ones God gave her. Of course she dumped his ass after he made her put these on.

Now that we’re in Europe, let’s visit the Beate Uhse Erotik-Museum in Berlin, Germany.

berlin museum

You know, just a recreation of your average Saturday night with a woman chained to the radiator with her rear in the air while a man paints her. No big deal.

And Finally this is from New York’s Museum of Sex.


This was crafted in Egypt way back in 50 BCE. Even back then, it seems, size really mattered.

Images by George Fishman, Robert Nyman Roman Königshofer, and Wally Gobetz