Those Using Popular Russian Gay Hookup App in Sochi Told They Will Be Arrested

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Hunters App Russian Gay Dating HookUp Sochi Olympics

Hunters, a popular gay hook-up app in Russia, was hacked yesterday, reports gay blog Towleroad. Thousands of users were sent threats of possible arrests that read, “you will be arrested and jailed for gay propaganda in Sochi according to Russian Federal Law #135 Sektion 6.”

Because of the build up to the Winter Olympics, Founder and CEO Dmitry T believes that the Russian Government is taking full control of the Internet and that other gay dating resources might face similar issues. “This attack should be looked at as an attack on the worldwide gay community with the goal of blocking any gay interactions during the Winter Games in Sochi, including those between athletes and locals,” he said.What the Russian government is doing to its gay citizens is awful, even worse than gay Olympians not able to get laid.

Dmitry asks that people supporting a free internet to boycott anything dealing with the Olympics and Russian vodka. After 12 hours, the company was able to restore 24 percent of the profiles but many are lost, and to protect future users, Hunters has now moved their servers out of Russia to Europe proper. If Russia keeps up its anti-gay policies the gays might start doing the same exact thing.