Who Pays?

Surprise Your Date by Secretly Paying For Dinner with the ‘Cover’ App

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Once you’ve confirmed that your dining partner isn’t a serial killer who intends to indefinitely imprison you in his or her subterranean dungeon, the worst part of any restaurant date is the inevitable, uncomfortable “who pays?” debate — or worse: the mutual, half-hearted lunge for the check — that comes at the end of the meal. But no longer! With a new app called Cover, you can sneakily pay the tab without consulting your date. (Admittedly, whipping out your phone mid-conversation isn’t the subtlest move ever, but you could always sneak off to the bathroom.)

When you arrive at the restaurant, you “create a table” within the app. By dinner’s end, the bill (and tip) is automatically paid, via the magic of the Internet. Even outside of the realm of dating, signaling a busy server that you’re ready for the check is one of the most difficult social interactions in the history of human civilization. This is a giant leap forward for us all. So far, Cover is only available at a limited number of restaurants in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Download it for free in the iTunes App Store (an Android version is on the way).

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