Anatomy of a Relationship Fight (as Told by Angry Legos)

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Recently, The Guardian reported that Lego faces have been getting angrier. Legos used to all be happy, but the increasing number of character minifigures created since the 90s has resulted in more variety. The article speculated that these angry faces lead children to play with their toys in a different way.

We agree. We also happen to be kids at heart.¬†Without further ado, we give you “The Anatomy of a Relationship Fight (as Told by Angry Legos).”


1. You’re just chillin’, having a good time together.


2. When one of you says something slightly offensive…


3. And the other one over-reacts a little.

4. You’re immediately petrified…

5. But that passes quickly, and now you’re ready for a fight.

6. Before you can get a word in, your partner is already coming at you with an insult.

7. And you come right back with something equally as bad. Game. Set. Match.

8. But not so fast….

9. You’re both bringing out the big guns.

10. You’re blindingly angry.


11. She says she’ll leave and she’s taking the dog with her!

12. He says that’s fine, he’ll just spill paint all over her designer handbags.

13. You’re ready to kill each other.


14. You both start crying.

15. You don’t even remember why you’re angry anymore.

16. You both shut up for just a minute, and realize how stupid you’ve been.

17. You kiss and make up, and promise to never fight over something so stupid ever again.