New York Comic Con’s Best Couples Costumes

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Comic Con 2012 has blown through The Big Apple and has now only left virtual evidence of the nerd-tastic weekend in its wake. Couples costumes on Halloween may seem cloyingly cute (or totally awesome, depending), but at Comic Con, it’s a chance to 1UP your fellow cosplayers (see what I did there?). Here are 8 cosplays that really made our geek flag fly high (and check out Buzzfeed for 42 more).

Asgardian family


Rogue and Gambit

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Princess Peach and Mario

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The Joker and Harley Quinn


Han Solo and Princess Leia (PROPS FOR THE GENDER SWITCH!)

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Captain American and Black Widow

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Walter White and Jesse Pinkman


Boba Fett and Slave Leia