Oreo Supports Gay Pride With This Awesome Cookie

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On June 25, to celebrate Pride Day and for Oreo’s 100th birthday celebration, Oreo posted this awesome, delicious-looking rainbow Oreo cookie on their Facebook page. (Please note the fine print: “Made with creme colors that do not exist.”)

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More than 220,000 Facebook users (and counting) have “liked” the post, and more than 37,000 have commented (and counting.)  And people are happy! And people are not happy.

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Kraft had to have known that people would say stuff like “By Oreo. I’ll do my business elsewhere!” (And that they would spell “bye” wrong.) Also, “No thanks Oreo. We don’t want this unhealthy sinful lifestyle flaunted,” and “thought Oreos were a family cookie.”

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Who would have thought that a cookie (not even a cookie! a picture of a cookie!) could stir up such an important conversation? Fortunately there were loads of positive comments, too. I love Julia Miller’s comment, which simply said, “All-American cookie.” More good comments below:

I think it’s important to show some support here. On Oreo’s Facebook page and at the grocery store. Cookies for lunch today, anyone?