Sure, I’ll Be Your Fake Girlfriend, If You Pay Me

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Our friends at Glamour have alerted us to a new service called GirlfriendHire, where guys can pay girls to…write on their Facebook walls? Yeah, it’s weird.

According to Glamour:

“The website links up dudes with girls who are willing to establish any kind of remote, semi-sexual but not explicit relationship with them in exchange for $5. Apparently this includes sexting, letters, video messages, help with homework, Facebook bombing, sending you pictures, sharing what the site’s calling “female secrets” (tell me?!) and even staging an electronic breakup when the time comes.”

A) So weird.

B) Where do I sign up?

Seriously, this is the silliest thing ever, but if someone is willing to pay me $5 to write on their Facebook wall – in this economy- or “give homework help”, that basically seems like the best racket ever. I’ll be richer for it, and he will…continue to be the guy who has to pay girls to seem like he has a dating life.

No skin off my back, ya know?

[Glamour: Aaaand The Internet Continues to Make Live Girlfriends Redundant]