The Best Of #MyREALRelationshipStatus

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facebook-relationshipOn Monday, tweeters went nuts over #MyREALRelationshipStatus.

“It’s Complicated,” “In a Relationship,” and even “Married,” while easy to click, are often over-simplifications of complex relationships. Given the opportunity to clarify and comment, tweeters’ responded in ways that were both hilarious and devastatingly relatable. Most responses came in the form of self-deprecation and humble-brags.  These twitter hashtag parties are rife with opportunity for some good old fashioned schadenfreude, and #MyREALRelationshipStatus doesn’t disappoint.

Here are some of our favorites:


Then there were the genuine/heartfelt responses:

What’s the internet for if not being validated by feelings that are shared by total strangers?  For a lot of the tweeters out there, it appears as though it IS complicated, no matter which relationship status you’d click. Head over and see for yourself. You may find something that resonates. And if not, at least there’s this.

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