Valentine's Day

Today’s Google Doodle Will Get You Excited About Valentine’s Day

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Google Doodle candy hearts for v-day

We know, we know—you hate Valentine’s Day. All that love is just the worst. But if today’s Google Doodle can’t melt your cold, cold heart, then I’m just not sure what will.

Google has gone all out for the day of love, collaborating with This American Life on an interactive Doodle  featuring illustrations of candy hearts that, once clicked, deliver a cute animation and a snippet a of love storyEach heart has a different lovey dovey phrase drawn on the front that relates to the audio clip: “Crush,” “Mr. Right,” “First Date,” “4Ever Yours,” “Puppy Love,” and “Blind Date.”

The project began when Ira Glass visited the Google offices several months back. “Glass and his team contributed some archival audio clips and came up with some new ones for the Doodle project. The idea: To portray love in a host of different ‘incarnations.'” They totally succeeded at that, with sweet tales ranging from young love to several decades of marriage.

Here are a few excerpts from the stories, courtesy of USA Today:

“Puppy Luv” takes us to a middle school dance, where much cuteness ensues. “Is there anyone you like at the dance?” the narrator asks. “There is,” a young man says. “It just started, like, 20 minutes into this.”


“Crush” tells the story of a teenage girl who says she has “had a crush on this one guy for four years.” She says: “This one time I sneezed … and he goes, ‘You know, you have a really cute sneeze.’ … I was all day on that sneeze comment. I must have told every one of my friends.”

Adorbs. And for those of you who have yet to pick up a V-day treat for your sweetie, Google offers you a quick fix! Below the search box you will see an option to “Share a special moment with your Valentine today.” Clicking the link gives you the opportunity to send your S.O. an e-card “courtesy of Disney and their new short film Blank—A Vinylmation Love Story.”

Google just saved your relationship and your faith in humanity in one fell swoop. Thanks Google!  

[h/t Jezebel]