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Is This Dating Site For Sea Captains Real?

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Please help. I’ve just spent the last 30 minutes thoroughly engrossed in, and I still have no idea whether or not it’s real.

Exhibit A: The Concept

Fake: A dating site for sea captains seems hilarious, but like, it’s not 1860 anymore: are there really that many sea captains looking for a date?

Real: Yes, there are, and the internet is full of niche dating sites! Why shouldn’t retired captains go online to look for love?

Exhibit B: The Testimonial

Fake: He’s wearing a turtleneck and a sports coat and a captains hat–it looks like he walked off the set of Gilligan’s Island. He daydreams about sending out a message in a bottle?

“My mistress may be the sea but the thing is, that’s just an expression: There ain’t really no sex involved.”

No way it’s real. Also no way this guy hooked up with that 24 year old blonde girl.

Real: No. There is absolutely no rational argument that this is a real video.

Exhibit C: The Press Section

Real: The North County Times is a real publication, and this article is about an actual event, with actual quotes from real people. The CEO is even quoted as saying:

“Our main challenge now is to keep the site growing while at the same time limiting fake captain profiles.”

So he admits that at least SOME aspects of the site are (accidentally) fake.

Fake: Another quote from the article:

“The video was really touching. It makes you not want to give up the search for that great white whale of love. I’m going to see if I can’t get a copy of it on VHS,” said 72 year-old Alexander Albaugh, a member of the site since 2008.

No. Way. No way!

Exhibit D: The Daters


Has to be fake.

Cannot be serious.




Could be?

I sort of buy it?

Conclusion: ?!?!

Real? Fake? Real? Fake? Real? Fake?

What do you guys think???