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HowAboutWe Feature Update: The People Stream is Here

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Aaron here with another HowAboutWe product update:

We’ve been pretty busy here at HowAboutWe HQ. Last week, we announced a few improvements to the site: the new date stream and the ability to repost date ideas.

Now, we’ve got another major change for you: The people stream. It’s on your homepage. Check it out.

The people stream shows you a stream of active users who meet your age, location, and gender preferences. It tells you about something they recently did – from signing up, to uploading a photo, to editing their profile. You can ask them out or message them.

We built the people stream because:

1) We wanted to create more ways for people to interact.

2) We wanted to created more of an impetus for people to be active on the site.

3) We wanted to motivate people to ask people out directly more often (it’s by far the best way to get a response).

4) We wanted to give people who haven’t yet posted dates a way to be discovered.

You can also filter the people stream according to people who are nearby and people who have viewed you (an often-requested feature). Just click the tabs at the top.

I’d love to hear any and all feedback on the people stream – and suggestions for enhancing it. Thanks!