A German Was Kidnapped in Colombia While Going to Meet His Internet Girlfriend

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Today in horrifying-but-kinda-unsurprising-news: a German man was kidnapped in Colombia after being catfished by his online girlfriend.

The 54-year-old German man was kidnapped after he flew to Cali, Colombia to meet a woman he met online, or so he thought. Instead, he was greeted by the woman’s stepdaughter and her middle-aged goons, who slipped him a mickey and chained him up in the back of a store. He was freed by police on Sunday, who said the kidnappers planned to hold him for ransom. Kidnapping is a common crime in Cali, with 12 people freed by police in the past year, and 67 arrests made on suspicion of kidnapping.

Remember: Before buying a plane ticket to meet a stranger in a notoriously dangerous country, verify that the person exists. Also, if something seems like it could lead to you starring in your own cliched action movie, don’t get involved.