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A passion for politics is hitting the romantic stage, with Bumble launching the option to add political filters to user profiles. At this time especially, who you are voting for can be a serious deal breaker *cough Trump*, which is why the app is justifying the filters, helping singles find like-minded potential matches.

The vast majority of Bumble users are millennials, and the motivation for this feature was to get young people voting again, as according to Census stats, those aged 18 – 34 have the lowest voter turnout rate. Vote to impress a date? This will certainly inspire people to get in those booths come election time.

“We put politics into a platform where our users (5 million by week’s end) spend an average of an hour per day,” Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe told Forbes. “We want to encourage youth to get out there and vote.”


To take the seriousness out of the whole affair, however, Bumble will offer filters for both political and pop-culture references, such as “Yezus 2020” and “Underwood for President”, referring to Kanye West and TV show House Of Cards.

“This is the conversation right now — whether you’re single or not,” Wolfe told Forbes. “Whether you’re looking for someone to date, or make friends, politics is a huge part of the way you find common ground.”