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Australian Women Are All Chasing After Wealthy Men

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Gold diggers, grab your shovels! It seems Australia is full of aspiring Anna Nicole Smiths, according to new dating site data revealed at The Daily Telegraph. The stats show just how much Aussie women prefer wealthy men (spoiler alert: they seriously prefer them). And we’re not talking about men who are a little rich. We’re talking full-on “We are the 1 percent” rich.

The study examined 300,000 interactions between singles on the Australian dating site and found that men who earned $80,000 or more per year were significantly more likely to be contacted by women. Men who earned $150,000 or more were contacted a whopping 142 percent more than a man earning only $20,000 per year. Josh Fischer, who analyzed the data, sums it up nicely: “The more you make, the better.”

Women living in Townsville, Adelaide, and Perth were 25 percent more likely to contact rich men, with Sydney calling home to the fourth highest population of gold diggers. Male gold diggers were most active in the cities of Darwin and Adelaide. The cost of living in some of these cities could account for the high importance placed on the income of a potential partner. Perth, Darwin, and Sydney were each respectively ranked 10th, 11th, and 12th most expensive cities in the world.

I want to say that my assessment of this situation is a succinct, “Ew,” but living in New York City on a freelance writer’s salary does occasionally make me wish that my boyfriend were an aspiring investment banker. Instead, he’s an aspiring minister, and our idea of a Big Night Out involves waiting an hour for a table at SushiSamba, splitting the check, and then going home to pass out in front Portlandia. I love our life, but I also dream of a future in which I don’t want to vomit every time I make even the most necessary purchases.

However, I don’t think one should choose a significant other based on their ability to comfortably foot the bill for everything. Call me crazy, but it seems like love and a true connection are better foundations for a relationship than a partner’s income. Who knows, maybe I’ve got it all wrong. Maybe the key to happiness is a penthouse apartment and a designer wardrobe. I’ll let the Aussie’s figure that out and get back to me.