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Even More People Than You Think Are Googling Their Exes

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A new Pew Research study shows that a quarter of all Internet users admit to Facebook- (or Twitter- or Instagram- or Google- or all-of-the-above-) stalking their exes. This is up from 11 percent in 2005, when no one knew how to use the Internet, apparently. But, let’s be honest, the number seems shockingly low. At least 50 percent must be lying. Or maybe most people are just far more healthy and over-it than you and your friends are. Fine.

The online dating community might make you feel a bit better about your cyberstalking habits. Turns out, 38 percent of online daters report Googling or checking in on their exes via social media.

The Pew study doesn’t just prove that the Internet is home to Schadenfreude-hopefuls (everyone wants their ex to be doing worse than they are, right?). It also teaches us that 41 percent of online types between the ages of 18 and 30 collect intel on the Internet about their date before embarking on it. Again, I conjecture that at least 50 percent are lying.

Image via Veer