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Free Dates to Go On in Seattle With HowAboutWe

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We’re excited to announce that HowAboutWe for Couples has just launched in Seattle and Chicago! Check out some of the awesome free dates you can enjoy in the neighborhood…


Put away the Rainier or pedestrian bottle of pinot. Let you and your date’s taste buds dance with local brews at Hilliard’s Beer taproom.

This two-year-old Ballard brewing company shakes free from ordinary beer options and prides itself on being beloved by beer aficionados and relative newbies alike. On this date, you’ll have a chance to try two of the classics, from the bitter yet aromatic Amber Ale to major crowd favorite, the single malt Blonde.

Feel free to show off your beer-tasting prowess. But remember, it not about how well you drink—it’s who you’re drinking with.


They say the couple that sweats together stays together. Inject a little joie de vivre back into your workout routines with this outdoor kettlebell class.

On this date, you’ll swing your way to a bangin’ bod under the instruction of a Bull Stewart certified personal trainer. Run through techniques that’ll strengthen your inner core and improve your posture, balance, and coordination. Kettlebell workouts provide full body conditioning, so these 30 minutes of cross-training will go a long way. Popular because of its simplicity and effectiveness, isn’t it about time you two discovered what the kettlebell rage is all about? Hit the park together for a fierce, unforgettable workout.


These flavor options are no joke: Buffalo bleu cheese, rainbow fruit, maple bacon, cinnamon bun… Yes, it’s really popcorn, and, yes, it’s really delicious.

Savor these inventive morsels at KuKuRuZa Gourmet Popcorn. On this date, you’ll sample from more than 20 adventurous options, all meticulously crafted in small batches.

Prove your toughness by downing a handful of jalapeno white cheddar kernels. Or share a moment together, playfully feeding each other decadent s’more-flavored beauties. The best part? Once you’ve had your fill of tastings, choose your favorite seven flavors and take home a popcorn flight. Then, head home and cozy up for a movie with your new favorite snack.


Why is Seattle obsessed with pigs? And what do odorous onions have to do with the beginnings of the oldest continuously operating market in the United States? Learn these answers and more Pacific Northwest perplexities on this couples-only tour of Pike Place Market. Cruise the 105-year-old thoroughfares and prepare to be schooled on the Emerald City’s fascinations and the many establishments that call Pike Place Market their birth place.

Teeming with fresh fruit, flying fish, and fragrant flowers, the market offers no shortage of sights and smells. Walk away from this date with a newfound Seattle savvy—and perhaps a latte or two.


Here’s one date where it’s good to be picky. This sweet and juicy journey for two is set on a magnificent orchard in Lyndon, with the majestic Mount Baker as your backdrop. There’s nothing sweeter than a freshly picked apple, and BelleWood Acres has thousands.

Venture off for private picking, or get in the outdoorsy spirit aboard the Apple Bin Express on a train ride around this enormous orchard. Pluck your favorite apples, bag them up, and bring them home. They’re perfect for ciders, pies, jams—or just chomping into after a pleasant day of picking.

Fresh air meets even fresher apples—sounds like a match made in harvest fresh heaven.