Glimpse Turns Your Instagram Feed Into Your Online Dating Profile

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Glimpse, a new location-based dating app, syncs with your Instagram feed to help you seduce potential partners with your exquisite filter selection, because who doesn’t want to date a Mayfair lover with a gift for artfully photographing last night’s dinner? With Tinder or Grindr, all you get is a picture of some dude or lady’s face/butt/other things. With Glimpse, though, you also get a peek at their inner soul. Or at least, a bunch of pictures of mason jars.

A Glimpse user (Glimpser?) gets 10 photos to show off their deal — their dog, their Thai food, their cute apartment, their duck face, whatever. By scrolling through their Instagram highlights, you get a chance to see the world through your match’s eyes. And then judge their world accordingly, because obviously — this is a dating app. You were at that Skrillex concert, too? You also went to France? Really, you’re seriously using one of your limited pics to showcase a moody picture of a brick wall? When it’s working right, every image is a potential conversation starter. As they say, a picture of your cat in a wig is worth a thousand get-to-know-you words.

[h/t Refinery29]