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It seems that all the dating apps are jumping on the group-hang-out bang-wagon, (see what I did there), with Happn soon launching a new feature to connect users in group social activities.

‘See You There’ is a feature that will let you post on your dating profile what you will be doing over the next few hours, so that other people can join you – whether you are off for a run, going to drinks with friends, or grabbing a bite. The feature will work as an additional way to find new ‘Crushes’ on the app, where Happn will immediately connect you to arrange a courting session.

To use the new feature, users can tap the (+) button on the bottom of their home screens and choose from one of Happn’s various activities. Once selected, the activity will be visible to other users for the next for hours.

CEO and founder Didier Rappaport said the app’s new component is designed “to allow people to meet as they would on any given day – during regular daily activities – whether at a party, at work or at the gym.”

The new feature will appear next Tuesday!

h/t The Next Web.