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Have Trouble Getting a Date? Try Auctioning Yourself Off!

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eBay style auctions used to be reserved for antique lamps, mole figurine collections, and your mom’s ugly shearling coat. Now, it turns out, if you’re a seeking single in Buffalo, NY who is fed up with the local bars and cafés, you can enter a bid war for a date.

A startup called Date on Purpose has a new take on the typical live charity bachelor/bachelorette auction: why not just do it online? You can browse through Buffalo’s singles from the comfort of your homeliest bathrobe, and if you see someone you like, offer up your virtual bidding paddle. It’s actually for a good cause; all the proceeds of the charity auction will go to a local childrens hospital. So, it’s not completely creepy.

How much money is one date with a Buffalo premier hottie really worth? The most coveted bachelorette on the site is going for $400. Tricia, 5’8”, 100% Polish, and a Buffalo Bills fanatic has wildly outpriced the other ladies. Why? It could be that in her introductory video she claims, “Im up for anything.”

There’s been a much poorer show for the bachelors, however. Seamus, the bespectacled leader of the pack, is going for a measly (and kinda random) $105.

And at time of posting, there’s only 4 hours left to bid. Which means, if you’re a resident of the upstate snowbank-turned-city, you should probably bid on some of the stragglers. C’mon, help the children.

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