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How We Met on HowAboutWe: Amanda & Mike

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“How about we…go to Smorgasburg and eat everything!”

Here,  Amanda tells the story of how she met Mike through their shared love of all things delicious.

24-year-old Amanda and 30-year-old Mike both currently live in Brooklyn, though she’s originally from North Carolina and he hails from Texas.

Why’d you post this date?
I posted this date because I’m a major foodie and have always loved the atmosphere at Smorgasburg, which is an open-air market in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with more than 50 food vendors.

I thought it would be a great place to not only try tons of amazing food, but it’s such a unique venue, it’d give us another thing to talk about. Besides, I would never want to date someone who didn’t love food as much as I do, so it was the perfect litmus test. As luck would have it, Mike responded, because he too is a fan of delectable fare (oh, and he thought I was cute, too).

After stuffing our faces, we headed to a local tea house to continue our date. Over piping hot mugs, Mike mentioned that he was thinking about rock climbing the next day, but was having second thoughts because of the terrible weather forecast. I’d later find out that was just an excuse to see me again. The following morning, we strolled around Brooklyn and had brunch. We’ve been eating our way across the city ever since!

Had either of you tried online dating before HowAboutWe?
I tried OKCupid, but quit after a couple of weeks without going on a single decent date. I was attracted not only to the no BS nature of HowAboutWe, but also to its simple, easy design. Working at a digital agency has made me quite picky about how a website should look, and I must admit, HowAboutWe has it! Mike also briefly tried OKCupid, but heard about HowAboutWe from a friend and found that it worked better for him.

Have any favorite couple stories you want to share?
About a month after we met, I had an early flight to my hometown for the weekend, and it was going to be the longest time we’d spend apart. When I got to the airport, I discovered — to my dismay and delight — that my flight was cancelled because of mechanical problems. Although disappointed I wasn’t going to make it home, I was so excited to spend the weekend with Mike that I cabbed it back to his place as quickly as possible. We slept until the afternoon, only to wake up to snow in October. Snowed in, we spent the rest of the day watching  It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, cooking breakfast, ordering pizza and making dumplings. It was one of the most unexpectedly lovely weekends we’ve ever had.

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