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How We Met on HowAboutWe: Delaney and Cameron (Update: They Just Had a Baby!)

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Editor’s note: Congrats to Delaney and Cameron — we learned back in November that they got engaged, and now they’ve got more fantastic news: they just had a baby boy, in July:

Delaney and Cameron, we’re so happy for you! Check out how it all started, below (originally published in June 2012).

“How about we… go enjoy a glass of wine at Inoteca.”

This is a story all about how a love of wine and comedy brought Delaney and Cameron together. .  

Tell us what your first date was like:
We met at Inoteca on the Lower East Side for a glass of wine. Then, we went for a walk and decided to head to The Magician for a nightcap. After a great evening, we walked each other to the train, kissed goodnight and went home to mull over (in our respective apartments) what a fantastic date we’d just had.   

What happened after the first date?
We saw each other most weekends after we met and continued dating. Shortly after, Cameron was accepted to graduate school at the University of Texas in Austin. We both knew we had a good thing going and didn’t want to lose it, so, when Delaney came to perform and visit during SXSW, we decided to give it an honest go together in the same city. Delaney went to LA for a month to make an album, and then we moved in together in Austin!

What did you like about one another’s profile?
Cameron: “Her profile photo in front of the the Delancey Street subway sign.”
Delaney: “His answer to the “One thing his mom would want me to know about him” question: He is very supportive.”

What was the first thing you thought about the other?
C: “I thought she was en fuego!”
“I was surprised. He was much cuter in person. “

What was your favorite part of your first date?
C: “Making out.”
“Making out.”

After that first date, what were you excited to tell your friends?
C: “That I didn’t take [one of my friend’s] advice to be more assertive. I was myself and she seemed to have a great time. “
“That I finally met a guy that looks like Elliot from ET! (My childhood crush)”

When did you realize that you wanted to go on a second date?
C: “She laughed at my jokes and didn’t take me too seriously.”
“When he put my coat on for me. He was such a gentleman.”

Now that you’re a couple, what’s your go-to date?
Cocktails and stand-up comedy. There is no shortage of live comedy in Austin.

What’s the best dating advice you give to your friends?
C: “Don’t date anyone who is ungrateful or doesn’t get your sense of humor.”
D: “Date a lot, and don’t settle until you are 100% sure.”

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