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How We Met on HowAboutWe: Erica & Dan

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“How about we… walk the High Line”

This is the story of how Dan and Erica clicked over their mutual obsession with The West Wing  atop New York’s favorite date spot.

Dan, 31, and Erica, 28, both live in New York. They’ve been together for two years. [photo credit: Laura Eldridge]

So, tell us how it happened:
In the summer of 2010 I [Erica] read about the new site “HowAboutWe” in Time Out New York. I had never tried online dating before, but decided to give it a shot. After a few weeks of perusing dates, one in particular caught my eye: “How about we… walk the High Line.” It was something I’d been meaning to do for months, so I clicked on the profile. He looked cute, smart, and — best of all — he mentioned The West Wing, which is by far my favorite show. “Hell yeah, I’m going on a date with this guy,” I thought.
He looked cute, smart, and he mentioned The West Wing. “Hell yeah, I’m going on a date with this guy.”Erica, on first seeing Dan’s High Line date idea.
Dan and I exchanged messages, but we were both in the thick of summer traveling, so we had to wait three weeks until we could go on our date. When we finally walked the High Line, we really hit it off, to the point that we just had to continue the date. Dan said, “I’d love to grab dinner and continue talking. So, we have two options: A) I made a list of restaurants in the area that I thought would be good or B) we could just wander around until we find a place. And I’m really hoping you pick B because I didn’t do A.”After finding a small Mexican restaurant, we had a great dinner (in which we discussed The West Wing at length). Afterward, we walked over to one of my favorite neighborhood bars. He walked me home at the end of the evening. When I got home, my roommate promptly smiled slyly at me, saying: “Heeeeey six-hour date…”

What happened after the first date?
We actually had a fairly traumatic second date. We decided to see Saturday Night Fever during the Central Park Conservancy Film Festival. We both thought it would be a fun, light-hearted film — you know, like Grease but set in the 70’s. Anybody who has seen this movie knows that this couldn’t have been further from the truth. After an awkward two hours filled with scenes of rape, poverty and suicide, we went in search of cold beers to help raise our spirits. Hey, if we could survive that, we could survive anything!

Months later, Dan and I had been dating exclusively for months, but neither of us officially started calling the other one our boyfriend or girlfriend. After returning from a trip where I talked about him non-stop, I finally just turned to him and said “Sooooo….I feel like you’re my boyfriend. Your thoughts?” Luckily, he agreed.

That’s certainly held true — we just moved in and are excited for many more years together. (PS: That image on the right is the happy couple celebrating their one-year anniversary in Turks and Caicos.)

What’s been your most memorable couple experience thus far?

Dan had been thinking of getting a puppy for a long time, so the day before our six-month anniversary we took the plunge. We saw a puppy on the PawSafe website and we both fell in love with her. Running late that morning, we were both so worried that somebody had already picked her up, but when we walked in and both saw her, we knew it was all over. There was no turning back. She is curled up on the couch next to us as we write this.

Anything else you want to share? Spill it! We love hearing your stories:
Here’s something hilarious, which Dan failed to mention for months!

Because “How about we…walk the High Line” is such a popular date idea, Dan actually went on the same date with three different girls (myself included)! With the other two, by the time he walked to the end of the park and back, it was clear there wasn’t a spark. Luckily, I made it to round two: dinner!

Upon telling this to two of my  girlfriends (both researchers), they replied,  “That’s an amazing experiment! You control all the factors and the only thing that’s different is the girl you’re on the date with!” So in the end, our relationship is little more than a dependent variable.

Well that’s the cutest science experiment ever. Have you meet someone special on HowAboutWe? Tell us your story at